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ROBUST located in the Ancient City of Luoyang which is famous for very old history as ancient capital of China. Luoyang has plenty of minerals such as coal, Bauxite, Silica sand and aslo Molybdenum. So we have advantage to develop Molybdenum related industry such as MoS2 and deep processing.
ROBUST takes the advantages of the resource, R&D ability, Processing ability to provide customers with best Molybdenum and Tungsten deep processing items.

ROBUST has a complete set of production lines and facilities to make sure fast delivery of the products to our customers. We have High Pressure Iso-static Pressing Machine, High Temperature Induction Furnace, Numerical Control Machines, Hacksawing Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Vacuum Annealing Furnaces, etc..

From very beginning of fine Molybdenum fine powders to finished products for our customers, we will take care for all the process with our production equipment and quality control equipment.

General process and certain equipments as following:

1.Isostatic Pressing

2.Powder Metallurgy



4.Cold Rolling

5.Cutting, Grinding and other machining

6.Vacuum annealing furnace



8.Package& Delivery