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We are Chinese company focus on TUNGSTEN&MOLYBDENUM based metal and their alloys supplying across the world.

Our aim is to provide qualified TUNGSTEN&MOLYBDENUM products to you and bring the amazing features of them to your industries and create values with these robust metals.

In the years to come, ROBUST will deliver high-quality products and services into the marketplace on time at competitive prices. Deliveries are made in time as promised and the packaging insures the product will arrive undamaged. And also we will always provide the necessary paperwork in an accurate and timely manner. We sincerely hope we can be reliable and long term partner in your business.

Quality Control

ROBUST has very strict quality control policies in the whole process and we know only high quality product can make us survival in the competitive market. From the raw material powder to final products packaging, we have consistent and strict quality control to make sure the products are capable of doing the things they are bought for.

Factory Tour

ROBUST has a complete set of production lines and facilities to make sure fast delivery of the products to our customers. We have High Pressure Iso-static Pressing Machine, High Temperature Induction Furnace, Numerical Control Machines, Hacksawing Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Vacuum Annealing Furnaces, etc.



ROBUST has ISO-9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE, SGS CERTIFICAT, government prizes and also most importantly customers’ testimonial also. All the honors will encourage us to move even further.